4 Tips for Making Your Store Front Window Photo-Perfect

4 Tips for Making Your Store Front Window Photo-Perfect

Product displays are quite a bit more involved and complex than they might look. While the grocer or the department store floor manager might make it look easy to set up a great display, the truth is it takes practice and more than a little-specialized knowledge to make a display pop. This is especially true with storefront window displays.

Like a book cover, the job of the storefront display is to get people into the store. What you present should make customers equal parts curious and impressed. Occasionally, they won’t even leave with the item you have displayed, but if you do your job right then the display will get them into the store, and your sales skills will do the rest. But in order to get them in, your storefront needs to look like the perfect photograph. Here are a few tips to help you get there.


Take special care to note the conditions in front of your store during the day. If your window product displays are facing direct sunlight at any point during the day, you’ll need to invest in an awning of some kind to prevent glare from hiding your display. Inside the store, make sure your lighting for your front window products is nice and even. Dramatic, dim lighting works in movies. But your customers will want to see your display from every angle. So keep the lighting bright and even.


Think about your favorite book. Now think about how uncluttered the cover is. You want to do the same thing with your display. The products and signage in fixture displays should be spread out, each with enough room to breathe. Anything placed in the “empty” spaces between or around products should not contribute to a feeling of clutter or crowded and cramped real estate.


Also, remember the principle of too much choice. Keep the displayed products to a minimum. In fact, if you can, focus on perhaps one to three major choices, it will often be far more effective than showcasing too many options.


Ever wonder why every fast food restaurant logo is red and yellow? They are taking advantage of color theory. Red makes you hungry and yellow makes you anxious. In your product display, however, you want to evoke images of prosperity and peace. You’ll want to use colors like green and brown with a little white thrown in. Make your display remind people of outdoor places and growing things, and you’ll have a much better chance of keeping customers in a relaxed buying mood.

Setting up product displays is far more art than science, but some principles will put you on a faster path to success than others. Always remember what works one day might not work another. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Eventually, you’ll find what works.