4 Tips For Prepping For Your First Expo

4 Tips For Prepping For Your First Expo

If you are getting ready to go to an expo, you want to make the most out of it. It is an opportunity to boost your brand and get more traction in your industry. If you fall into common pitfalls, you could miss out on a lot of opportunities. So get more fun and profit out of your expo this time with the following tips:

Your Booth

You want your booth to rock, so you need to do a little extra prep for it. Make sure you have a bold sign, first and foremost. Expos get busy. It will be hard to tell you apart from the crowd if you are just blending in. Make sure it is a color that goes with your main logo and brand.

In addition, you should include some kind of call to action on your booth branding. The more simple, the better. For instance, perhaps you ask people to sign up for a free gift. Maybe you encourage them to set a consultation to demo your product at a later date. Just keep it short and simple.

Your Staff

The people you staff at your expo booth are your lifeblood. Customers are going to be experiencing the event through them. If they are a bad representation of your brand, it could do a lot of damage long term. Make sure your team on the ground is excited to be there and great with people.

Your Competition

The expo is not just about you. You also have all your competitors in the industry who are coming to show their wares. You need to be able to get valuable intel on them during this process. This is a chance to see what they are doing differently and how you might need to respond with your own business.

How to Move Your Gear

There are a number of logistical challenges to freight shipping. For that reason, you want to explore all of your options in getting your things to the expo. Compare rates and choose a provider that is going to get your belongings from one location to another without issues at all.

Putting together a great expo is a lot of work at first. However, when you have a plan to follow it becomes much easier. So don’t reinvent the wheel. Get more out of this expo without losing business by following the tips above. Then enjoy the new customers, insights, and experiences you get from it.