5 Features You Can’t Forget for Your Next Company Event

5 Features You Can’t Forget for Your Next Company Event

Company events are great ways to bring the whole team together. It can promote a sense of unity and help you take off the pressure from a hard quarter or year of work. However, you need to plan your even correctly to make sure things go smoothly. Otherwise, you could deal with more stress than fun for the whole company. So here are five items you shouldn’t forget:

1. Charity Drive

There are more things to life and business than making money. Sometimes it is about giving money to those more in need. Double dip on your company event by having a charity table or a donation deposit box so that your team can come together in the spirit of helping others.

2. Photographer

While this event will be great for employee morale and strengthening relationships, you can still leverage it for your business. Having a photographer there to take candids and official photographs of the event are great. You can use those photos for marketing, hiring campaigns, spicing up your website, and press releases. It’s not a big thing, but having a photographer can make the event a better investment.

3. Lots of Food

Don’t cheap out on the food for your company event. That is a sure way to anger your employees and make them feel you don’t respect them. Instead, stock up on all the basics like protein, veggies, chips, and drinks. If you’re truly ambitious, try planning a buffet or a sit-down dinner. But encourage people to bring their own alcohol or additions.

4. Branded Banners

A branded banner has many benefits for your corporate event. The first is that it helps people find the event much easier. If you are holding an event, it is usually in a large space, so people might have to wander aimlessly before finding the event if there is no kind of signage. The second main benefit is that a banner helps you advertise while your event is being held, so others outside the company are getting exposed to your brand. According to BSQU Printing, “If you’re headed to a trade show, outdoor event, hosting a company celebration, or want to advertise an important promotion, large-format printing is an excellent way to communicate your message.”

5. A Backup Plan

Last but not least, you need a backup plan. Have a number two venue and some food items that are suitable for vegans and gluten-sensitive individuals. This will ensure that you aren’t stuck trying to improvise at the last minute.

When it comes to company events, they can be a whole lot of fun. They are great ways to show your team that you care about them and bring people together for an informal gathering. However, you need to cover your basics with great planning and shopping ahead of time. Make sure to grab the five items above, and you can ensure your company event goes on without a hitch.