5 Tech Tips to Help Business Owners Manage Multiple Locations

5 Tech Tips to Help Business Owners Manage Multiple Locations

Managing a business has many different responsibilities, especially if you are the business owner. As your business grows and expands, you may acquire or build multiple facilities which each will need to be managed as well. Listed below are 5 tips that will assist you in managing multiple locations as a business owner.

Progress Reports

When overseeing multiple locations, it can be quite difficult to ensure that they are being equally effective. A great way to be able to interact with your different locations is to have them send you an electronic progress report weekly or bi-weekly. These reports will help you to understand which locations need more assistance or supervision.

Training Sessions

Another important factor in managing multiple locations is to have regular training sessions. You could do these training quarterly or more often if you feel that there is a greater need. The training sessions can be automated and online. Online training sessions will allow employees to access and interact with them when at any time. Certain practices are best explained in person, but online training sessions are able to cover a vast amount of different topics and concepts.

Video Calls

Similar to progress reports, video calls are another great way to be able to understand how each location is doing, without actually traveling there. The video call will allow you a face to face interaction with the manager at each location. The reason video calls are important is because facial expressions and tone of voice aren’t really able to be expressed in written or typed reports.


A very important aspect to consider in managing multiple locations is how to ensure that it is protected from theft or an intrusion. Install cameras on the inside and outside of each building. The camera(s) should preferably be able to detect motion and start recording automatically on a triggered event throughout the day/night.

It is also important to have an efficient alarm system that is capable of notifying authorities if it has been set off. If some of your locations have office space not being used, monitor vacant offices in particular, as these are a common point of intrusion.

Require Staff Meetings

The managers of each location should be consistently holding staff meetings. Staff meetings are important because it will help all employees to be on the same page and it will also help to bring about any questions, comments, or concerns.


Managing multiple locations can be a difficult task, but there are many different ways to be successful in doing so. Consider progress reports, training sessions, video calls, security, and staff meetings as items to implement and you will begin to notice changes within your business.



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