5 Things That Customers Hate About Your Business

5 Things That Customers Hate About Your Business

If you’re in business for yourself, you know that you need a steady stream of new customers. Without them, your business will dry up in just a few short months. And while you’ve likely worked on business elements, like your logo or some other brand element, you may not be doing enough to keep your customers. If you suspect that something your company is doing is turning away customers, you’d better remedy that quickly. Here are five ways that you might be inadvertently losing customers without even knowing it.

1. When Employees Talk…

Your very own employees could be losing you customers, without even realizing it, according to Inc. When customers come into a business and hear your employees talking about topics like how much they hate work, what they’re going to do when they get off work, or worst yet, ignoring a customer altogether, that could lose you customers.

The best way to combat this is to teach employees how to behave on the sales floor. Some will have an intuitive feeling about how to handle this, while others will need coaching. If you’re in doubt, write up an employee manual that spells out the dos and don’ts of your customer service philosophy just to be on the safe side, as clear expectations are, after all, a staple in keeping employees productive and on-task.

2. Bad Online Reviews

Google reviews (or any online review platform for that matter) can affect the success of your business. As Huffington Post points out, getting good Google reviews provides your customers with social proof that your business is worth taking a look at. A lot of times when consumers are reading Google reviews they are looking for confirmation that they are making the right decision. And positive online reviews can do just that, but the opposite can also be true. If your business has a low star rating or a lot of recent negative reviews, customers could be pushed to the competition

And bad reviews don’t just affect the customer side of things. Negative reviews of your business can also turn away potential employees as well. If you wind up getting a bad review, make sure that you respond to it in a timely and appropriate manner. Then, take steps to correct the issue before it causes your business some serious damage.

3. Innovation, or Lack Thereof…

Does your business bring something different to the table, an innovative solution to your customers’ problems? If not, your lack of innovation could be losing you clients, according to All Business. Often, the very things that make a company innovative are also the things that company bosses avoid. If you’re not encouraging your team to be creative or are not providing them with adequate training to solve your customers’ challenges, you’re going to fail in the innovation department. While training costs you a great deal in the short run, a lack of it costs you even more in the long run.

4. Budgetary Concerns

HubSpot.com reminds company bosses that sometimes, the deciding factor in whether or not a potential client uses your services or not boils down to whether or not that client can afford you. However, the site also cautions business leaders to review their attitudes about this.

Very often, budget plays a role in whether or not a company hires you, but when things are tight, your clients may not feel that your services add enough value for them to justify using your services. While you can’t do much about your clients truly not having enough money to afford you, you can do a great deal about the quality of your services. Doing this may mean the difference between them spending their limited dollars with you or taking them someplace else.

5. Phone Issues

There are few things that will make customers hotter under the collar than to have to navigate phone hell when they are having problems. If your phone system leaves a lot to be desired, make sure that you correct any glitches in the system to curb this issue.

Final Words on Keeping Customers

A solid customer base means the difference between you staying in business or not. If you suspect that some of your business practices could be losing you some valuable customers, you might be right. Issues ranging from bad Google reviews to poor innovation skills could be turning away the very people you need to make your business profitable.

Be mindful of all the ways that you or your employees could be contributing to this problem and take immediate and concrete steps to correct the issue. Once you correct these challenges, you should see a turnaround in your business’s bottom line.