Defining Workplace Culture: How to Choose the Best One for Your Company

Defining Workplace Culture: How to Choose the Best One for Your Company

There are different types of workplace cultures, and each has its benefits. Study each one to see which type fits your workplace best. It might be time to change things up to make a positive difference.

The Community Workplace Culture

You can tell a lot about a business from how its employees manage workflow and communicate with one another. Some companies hold regular meetings so that everyone can be on the same page. It’s not enough to present information; employees need to be asked for feedback and followed up. When employees feel that management cares, they’re more likely to be onboard with any upcoming changes.

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Reward-Based Workplace Culture

It’s important to acknowledge the hard work that employees do. Reward them with cash, gift cards or something else they value. Every week, companies treat their employees to lunch or offer breakfast on a daily basis. They reward team members so that no one feels left out. Some companies use goal charts, hold races between teams and encourage team participation in other ways. All of this makes work fun and promotes employee engagement.

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Traditional Workplace Culture

This type of workplace culture can help people to concentrate who would otherwise get distracted. Employees are expected to wear typical business clothes and follow office rules, and they don’t have a lot of downtime to talk to anyone. There are typically designated formal rooms for meetings. Employees seldom get to know one another apart from polite small talk. Because this type of workplace is traditional, the older generation may prefer it to newer ways of conducting business. Older customers may prefer buying products or services from these types of companies because they can’t relate to the new generation as much. All that being said, these workplaces are usually traditional prestigious places, and there are a lot of benefits to keeping work and personal life apart.

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Millennial Workplace Culture

These types of workplaces are all about efficiency. Many businesses are trying out gamification to find effective ways to increase productivity based upon how the brain naturally works. Employees can take small breaks from work to play games that are designed to teach employees new information and skills for the workplace. Regular breaks, employee nap times and four-day workweeks have also been found to increase productivity. Employees love working for companies that are both fun and forward-thinking.

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At times, it’s wise to take a little piece from every workplace culture. You might prefer formal business attire, but you also appreciate the science behind gamification. You might also believe in being personable with all of your employees. At the end of the day, do what works for you and your company.

Of course, it’s always great to let your clients and customers to know what kind of company they’re working with. Do this by branding your business via digital and traditional print methods for the best results.