We offer expert user support, education, and explanation that computer repair shops can’t deliver. We now provide all residential services in your home. We no longer offer drop-off repair services.


We leverage technology to your advantage. We’re your ear to the ground and your muscle in the trenches—assessing equipment performance, troubleshooting issues, managing upgrades and installations, leveraging trends and much more to help you get the most from your technology investment.


Our strategic relationships with hundreds of service providers gives us access to the most competitive rates in the industry. We help you secure the best possible access and voice services, for the best price, on the most reliable networks.


Managed cloud services allow businesses to tap into the power of cloud computing without the pain of becoming an expert in everything. It starts with the simple truth that every cloud has to be managed by someone. Like your retirement savings or your car, it doesn’t manage or maintain itself.

With businesses becoming more and more reliant on multiple technologies, sound IT service and support at the core has become a pre-requisite for business success.

It’s not always reasonable for small and medium sized businesses to employ a fully dedicated IT staff to oversee their IT network; the idea of teaming up with a managed IT services provider like us is gaining momentum.

Whether you are a small business or a medium enterprise, Sidestreet Media can manage your computer resources, support your end users, and protect your network and data.

By unloading the burden of you or others in your corporation having to deal with IT and network issues, you regain lost productivity and can focus better on expanding and growing your business without having to worry about the nitty gritty.

InfoSec Consulting

Throughout the industrial world corporate networks are increasingly targeted by an overwhelming flow of cyber attacks from criminals and hackers.

Professional security services from Sidestreet Media deliver comprehensive security assessment and deployment services that can help you adopt effective IT security practices.

Expert security consultants at Sidestreet Media can show you how to assess the physical security, operational security and infrastructure security of your organization thereby reducing your organization's exposure and mitigating possible risks. We can design and implement highly secured multi-tiered architecture solutions that will strengthen the security of your end user environment, your data center environment and your public-facing web environment.

To ensure the security of our clients we will not reveal our full stack of tools, however below are some of the tools and applications commonly deployed across our client base.


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