How Packaging Can Take Your Product To The Next Level

How Packaging Can Take Your Product To The Next Level

You’ve invested years of your life and thousands of dollars into your product, and you’re ready to present it to the world. One of the most dangerous things you can do is jump the gun and put it on the market before you’ve taken the time to ensure proper presentation.

First impressions count, and you only get one chance to make yours. The right packaging can take your product to the next level. Every product is unique and has its own qualities to consider, but there are some general guidelines to follow to best ensure you get it right the first time.

Stand Out from the Competition

Unless you’re in an extremely niche market, there is competition. Even if nobody is currently marketing capitalizing on an idea just like yours, there are likely similar products, and it’s up to you to make yours stand out.

Your packaging can help you achieve in this. Considering that over 30 percent of a customer’s decision-making is based on packaging, this is very important. In order to nail it, you have to know your targeted demographic well. For example, if you market to people on a budget, they may be more likely to gravitate toward less flashy packaging. Kids are attracted to bright colors. Know whose attention you’re vying for.

Color Means a Lot

Color has a lot to do with the decisions customers make. The brain reacts to colors in different ways. For example, white packaging exudes simplicity and purity. It can also create a feeling of sophistication. On the other hand, very colorful packaging may make customers think the product is more childlike.

Even the shade of the color you choose makes a difference. While a light blue comes across as playful and fun, a darker blue is seen as more professional. Speaking of blue, it’s the favorite color worldwide, but this doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right color for your product packaging. Again, understand your target demographic to make sure you get it just right.


In our present day and age when customers expect to get what they want now and have the chance to interact with the brands they buy, functionality is something that must be considered in your packaging. When a customer interacts with your brand, you have a unique chance to influence their thinking and perceptions. Your packaging should promote these interactions.

There are multiple ways in which you can encourage functionality in your packaging. Just a few include:

-Find a way to appeal to your customers’ emotions

-Consider the use of QR codes that take customers to your social media accounts or other digital assets

-Encourage support for a good cause

The primary goal here is to create a positive experience that conveys the values of your company.

In-Store Advertising

You have to pay for access to media outlets like television, radio, and print. However, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the existence of your product in any store is an advertising opportunity in itself.

Your product packaging, when created correctly, can call out to your demographic as it sits on the shelf. Keep in mind that it’s going to be placed near other products of its kind. It’s in direct competition on the shelf. Just as you’d make SEO efforts to make your product stand out in search engine results, you must do the same to ensure it shows up on top in the storefront.

Create Brand Recognition

Your goal is to put out a product that people respond to and buy again and again. Over time, they wonder how they ever lived without it. One of the best ways to get to this place in the world of business is to create unique packaging that stands out and gains recognition.

In order to achieve in this, it’s important to remember that the sooner you establish your packaging, the better. One of the biggest rules for popular brands is to keep packaging as close to its original as possible. There’s often backlash from customers when changes are made. The sooner you establish effective, eye-catching packaging, the better able you’ll be at creating memorable brand recognition.

Get It Right the First Time

If your product has not yet gone to market, now’s the time to get it right the first time. If not, it’s never too late to make the necessary changes, but it must be a change you can count on standing the test of time. These tips can help you capture the attention of your intended audience and make the impression you need to succeed.

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