How to Make Your Product Stand Out from the Competition

How to Make Your Product Stand Out from the Competition

Let’s face it: You got into business because you saw someone else succeed in the same field, and you want a piece of the pie. Or maybe you just have a new idea that you think will capture the market by storm. Either way, you’ll still have to deal with competitors. If you’re a newcomer in an already existing market, you’ll have to show why your product is better than the current ones. Alternatively, if you’ve discovered a new market niche, then you’ve got to be prepared to protect your market from competitors. You need to stand out if you want to beat the competition. Here are some tips to do this successfully.

1. Exceptional Customer Service

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the service industry or not; as long as you’re running a business, you need to treat your clients like kings and queens. Make sure that they’re served on time and they don’t have to wait long to receive what they want from you. In addition, ensure that you answer any questions that they may have honestly and fully. Don’t give them incomplete answers. You can also think of other ways to provide the best customer service possible. Just remember that excellent customer service builds loyalty.

2. Be Humble

Many small businesses don’t succeed because they fail to admit their mistakes. If a customer complains to you about a certain product or service, you should listen to him or her. Clients never forget a bad experience, and they’ll usually tell others about it if you don’t do anything to fix the situation. If you’re starting out, you don’t need the bad publicity because it could drive away potential customers. According to Inc., humility can be the key to good leadership as humble leaders most likely have good empathetic skills, which are always valuable in the workplace. Always be humble, admit your mistakes, and do your best to rectify them.

3. Honesty is the Best Policy

You should never ever lie to your customers. If your driver calls in sick and can’t make a delivery on time, let your client know about it so that he or she isn’t waiting around all day. If your product has been recalled due to certain miscalculations, make the customer aware. If you’re planning on adding a new ingredient to your product, don’t let the client find out by himself or herself. Always be honest with your clients, and they’ll respect you.

4. Packaging

According to Jansy, one way to set your brand apart is to create an unusual package. A unique cover grabs the customer’s attention and makes him or her more interested in the product. This is not to mention that if you’re going to be working with influencers, visuals are a huge plus to them and their audience. Try to make your product something you can image being featured in an Instagram post, for example. Before creating the package, do your market research to find out what’s trending, and then try to incorporate those elements in the final parcel.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

If you want your brand to truly stand out from the competition, then take some time off your busy schedule to do something for the community. Whether it’s building a library for the local school or giving food to the homeless, engaging in corporate social responsibility shows customers that you also care about other people, and you’re not interested in money alone.

6. Offer Customers a Guarantee and Follow Up with Actions

You have to believe in your product and make customers trust in it, too. Your brand can’t stand out if you’re doubtful. Just trust in your product and believe that it can deliver the best results for your client. Pass it through numerous tests if you have to, but ensure that the item performs the way that it’s supposed to. To make customers believe in it too, offer them guarantees for their purchase. For example, you can reassure them that, if the item doesn’t deliver the expected results, they can claim their money back. According to Small Biz Trends, you can choose from four types of these depending on what type of product you sell. Although potentially risky, guarantees set your product apart by showing how your brand is better than others.

7. Blog

A blog is a website page written in a friendly and conversational manner. The content usually relates to trendy or controversial topics. Starting a blog is a good way to stand out from the competitors online. Internet users rarely pass up the chance to read an interesting article. You can have your employees write blog posts or do it yourself. Talk about anything relevant to the business or a trendy social topic. The blog is guaranteed to increase traffic to your website and get people talking about your brand. This is, of course, in addition to a strong and professional website.

Since the business world is very competitive, you need to be strategic so that you can stand out from competitors and increase your revenue. You can start with the above strategies and slowly incorporate new methods as you go along.