Sidestreet Media’s Managed Technology offering allows any organization to outsource some or all of the critical technology infrastructure and IT operations so they can create the necessary focus to successfully tackle more complex initiatives related to their core operational goal.

Outsourced Help Desk Services
Based Right Here In Upstate SC

We understand that people in organizations, both large and small, have questions about technology.

Employees make IT mistakes, computers act up, and organizations need expertise in a timely manner. We empower our clients with the most robust, responsive, and informative help desk service in the region.

Fully Managed IT Services

Our experts manage technology with a big-picture approach. We look at your business as a whole and tie every objective to your IT system. To us, your business is an ecosystem. Each part works together to make the entire company function at peak performance.

The technology you use affects every aspect of your business. From operations to payroll, a good IT system is an essential element for success.

In-Home Support For Your Company’s VIPs And Work From Home Staff

We offer expert user support, education, and navigation that computer repair shops can’t deliver.

We are here to help your VIP users and work from home staff.

IT Security

Whether it’s your WIFI network, email system, telephones, or cloud storage, your business is naturally at risk of a security breach pretty much all the time. It’s a sad truth, but unfortunately, there are millions of bad actors out there who would love to steal your data or system access and hold it for ransom or destroy it. They might even choose to put it on the dark web.

All of these scenarios could be devastating to your business.

With help from us, however, you can create a strongly fortified IT security plan that will keep your business safe and protected. Our managed IT services use the latest technologies and strategies, and all of our IT security experts are highly skilled and trained in best security practices.

Cloud Agnostic Advisory Services

Our Cloud Advisory Services start by understanding your business goals and then move forward to define a strategy to embrace cloud services. This will typically start with a cloud readiness assessment focused on the people, processes and workloads under consideration.

If you are further down the journey and need more targeted consultation, we have a full suite of advanced capabilities across multiple public cloud providers.

Business Backup Services

Data backup services provide companies the protection they need to keep all of their data secure. With these services in place, businesses can confidently access, review, and safeguard their data – and their customers’ data – from both accidental and malicious data loss events.

We provide unlimited backup services in increments of 1 terabyte to businesses of all sizes.

Access + Voice

Through unique partnerships, we have negotiating power with every major internet service provider in the continental United States to service all of your locations at rates not available to the public.

We partner with some of the best voice providers to offer unlimited voice service starting at $29.99/mo/user with volume discounts available.

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