Photography Services

Our Style
Lots of photographers say their style is to “be in the moment.” Not us. Our photographers get out of the way and let your moment play out in front of their lens. This has resulted in beautiful memories, quality business, celebration moments, great emotion, and products front and center.

Our Equipment & Edit Process
We use the latest Canon digital cameras with lenses from a variety of manufacturers to suit the moment and need.
Our editing is very minimal. We will remove any image noise, unless it suits the image artistically, and (maybe) bump up the color saturation to provide that “pop.”

Our Locations
Sidestreet Media primarily serves upstate South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina. Subject to scheduling, we are available for travel worldwide.

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Journalism Services

Sidestreet Media has the resources to deliver anything from a VO to a LiveU-powered live shot with minimum notice.

With the latest in video and editing technology available to us, and our location between Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA we are your perfect partner for production on a variety of topics.

View a map of our service area, which is an approximate 6 hour drive circle from our home office, here.

Hardware Kit
Panasonic P2 camera
Black Magic Design Cinema Camera
Sony and Sennheiser microphones
6-point LED lighting
Dedicated LiveU LU500 (5 modems)
Live streaming encoder


Software Kit
Avid Media Composer
Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
Live streaming to Youtube, Facebook, and any RTMP compatible receiver
FTP and cloud delivery available for finished projects as well as element delivery

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Package Producer
Aerial Photography - Helo/Cineflex System
Field Producer
Live Shots