Moving Your Company? 4 Tips on Handling It

Moving Your Company? 4 Tips on Handling It

Moving a business is a good indication that the business is succeeding and expanding. That should be welcome news to the entire staff, but it will still mean packing up every item in the current space and having it transported to the new location. Everyone working at the company knows that moving can generate stress. The goal is to achieve as smooth a move as possible. These four tips can help with that goal.

Hold Meetings to Address the Progress

A company move is not something you want to “leak” out. It should be made as a general announcement during a company-wide meeting. Once that announcement has been made, you’ll want to dedicate time for regular meetings to update the staff about the progress of the move. Staff members will no doubt have questions and concerns that will need to be addressed. A meeting is always the best environment to resolve these issues. When you can place this information in one place and discuss it freely, then there shouldn’t be any lingering doubts about what needs to happen next.

Get to Know the New Space

When the new space has been locked down, you need to check that you have collected the important pieces of information concerning the new office. You’ll want to place this information in one place, such as an easy-to-access document file or a handout for the staff. You should then bring the staff to the space for a guided tour.

Whether the new space is an empty floor or one that has already been configured for cubicles, it will help to get input from the staff about where things should go. This is also the time to create a floorplan for new office designations. There will be plenty of suggestions about who should go into which office.

Make a Timeline Checklist

Making a successful company move requires organization. A timeline checklist can help keep everyone on track. This timeline can include items like the deadline for when personal office spaces should be packed up, the installation of phones and computer networking, and any renovations. Responsibilities for the move should be delegated evenly so that one person isn’t doing all the work. Everyone will appreciate seeing the items accomplished off the checklist.

Utilize a Staggered Move

Depending on the nature of your business, you might benefit from utilizing a staggered move. This is where you literally occupy both spaces at once. It will take coordination, but a staggered move can help with transitioning inventory without losing orders. You can also move office equipment on a staggered schedule. As part of the staff is wrapping up things at the old office, other staff members can get the new place up any running. This can help minimize disruption to client services.

Above all, it is important to keep the lines of communication open between your staff and your clients. A move into a new space can ultimately increase productivity by providing your workers with more space to perform their tasks. Your clients will certainly appreciate that.

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