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PIO Services

Let Our Decade of Journalism Experience Help You!

Sidestreet Media’s staff have more than a decade of experience in local and network news and know how to help you, both to get your positive messages out but also to help you manage a crisis response.

We are a communications firm that partners with the area’s leading businesses, governments, and organizations to evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations.

Our proven strategy is to engage audiences over time to earn their lasting trust — the strongest insurance against competitive disruption, the antidote to consumer indifference, and the best path to continued growth.

We bring in-depth expertise, unexpected ideas, and ingenious storytelling that together drive valuable impact on their businesses. We’re global in reach, but our people are local, with in-depth knowledge of markets, cultures, and issues.

When crises happen, we bring that expertise and those ideas to manage the response and community view of your organization. Confidentiality and discretion are the cornerstones of effective crisis management, so we won’t name the people or organizations with whom we’ve worked in this area.  We believe what most consider to be “PR problems” are really management problems that have become public.

As an independent, family-owned company, we do not answer to investors but solely to our clients, using our profits to strengthen our business, improve the lives of our employees, advance our industry, and serve as a responsible citizen of the world.

We’re global in reach, but our people are local…

A Virtual PIO? Has To Be Expensive!

We work on a retainer basis and only add additional fees if you either go over your hours or have an emergency that requires off-hours response or an in-person response.  All correspondence on your behalf is retained to meet any possible legal requirements from a “white label” you@pioservices.com email address.

The bottom line? Before signing any contracts, we will meet with you either in person or via teleconference and discuss your needs and budget and come up with a plan that works with your budget.


Let Sidestreet Media come alongside you, not only to get your word out but to manage the public perception of it by any means necessary.  Schedule a call or teleconference meeting using the form below!