Stay Ahead of Work Injuries with These 3 Tips

Stay Ahead of Work Injuries with These 3 Tips

Most injuries that happen in work environments can impact productivity and sales. It can also cause many problems for you if you don’t have the right insurance to protect you from a workplace injury. If you want to stay competitive while maintaining consistency, you’ll need an injury prevention strategy that focuses on three important safety elements.

Label Everything

Labels serve one purpose, which is to let people know when they shouldn’t touch something in an environment. In office environments, labels direct people away from cables that transfer high surges of electricity. These kinds of cables are usually placed on cords and panels that are found near a powerful breaker box. Outdoors, labels are bigger and bolder because large, bright fonts effectively warn people from a distance. Many businesses also place orange and yellow labels on heavy machinery outdoors so that workers won’t accidentally use improper buttons and levers during construction projects. Overall, if you label everything, you’ll prevent simple mistakes that could lead to an injury.

Use Proper Signage

When tile floors have a thin layer of dust or a cluster of dirt on various spots, the debris will make the surfaces slippery. If someone walks on one of the spots while wearing shoes with slick soles, the debris will reduce traction. This is a problem because traction is needed to prevent slips and falls. Injuries due to slips or falls are very common, so be sure to have cleaning safety procedures in place.

A proper safety plan for a janitorial staff can keep everyone in a building safe. If you run a restaurant business, you must separate cleaning supplies from everything else in order to avoid contaminating your food. In a grocery store or prep kitchen, signs should be placed in locations that have been mopped and in areas that are currently being mopped. This strategy will prevent slips and falls by keeping people away from the slippery floors.

Maintain the Electrical System

Although electrical wiring runs behind walls and paneling, a surge of electricity can easily escape if an electrical system has one flaw. The big problem is that shock injuries happen without notice when someone plugs something into a defective wall outlet. Shock occurs as a surge of electricity flows out of a socket. In order to prevent electrical problems, you must let an electrician inspect the entire electrical system regularly.

In a typical business environment, there are many risks; however, these tips can help you keep ahead of work injuries. If you want to give everyone peace of mind, organize helpful workshops that focus on safety in the workplace.